Spring 2017


After about 2 years of kicking the idea around I decided to go ahead and do it. Thank you all for the second year in a row of making me the most booked guide in Puget Sound, the luckiest guy in the world, and thank you for the business, friendship, and being a part of my family. Now, Welcome to the All-Waters Blog. This will be more of a fishing report than a actual blog, however we will see where this goes. I’ve got a lot of big stuff coming your way.


February has not proven to be Spring out here on Puget Sound and Hood Canal, we have fished in rain, sun, and snow. Mostly though, we have shivered our way into some pretty nice fish! I would say Spring is coming, however if you can, you should be enjoying the last of a pretty darn good winter fishery.


Spring is on it’s way, and yesterday we saw some evidence of it in the form of schools of chum fry on Hood Canal. Get your dates while you still can!


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