Weather Break


This past week has been a little cured with weather. As well as the next couple of days, However we are back on the water after that. I am back on the water from then on out.


This past week was the Fly Fishing Film Tour and we helped raise about $4,000 for the Coastal Cutthroat Coalition, we donated our second trip of the year for those and have raised about $1,400 on our own so far for 2017. Thank you to Sage Fly Fishing and Scott Fly Rods for your generous donations as well!


It has been a week of getting the fly boxes and boat ready for a busy season. Our spring tying is almost done and orders are getting out the door quickly. Chum Fry and Flatwing’s are getting spun up as quick as possible.

A ton of dates are filling up and we are getting ready for the most successful season yet. And the numbers of fish dumping back into Hood Canal chasing the chum fry are are going up every day.

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