Dare I say Spring?


all-waters_logo_colors-03I am hesitant to say it, however I think we are finally starting to get some spring weather. I have spent two whole days on the water this past week without being rained on! Oh yeah, and the chum fry are pouring from the rivers!

Olympics 1

We have been spending most of our time on the Hood Canal, from Twanoh State Park through Quilcene Bay. Mostly meeting up in the morning at Seabeck General Store or at Alderbrook Lodge and the fishing has been great! This past week we have even had some great weather to enjoy with the great fishing!


What we have been finding when chasing the cutthroat keyed in on Chum fry is that after a certain point in the day they have been gorged on the bait. We can watch the fish react to the fly however they become lazy and we have to fish very slowly to them. So our method has been to strip long twitchy slow retrieves through the schools of bait and this has resulted in soft, halfhearted attacks from the cutthroat OR what has seemed to work better is to bring the boat out in front of the schools by a few 100′ and fish to the fish who have not been gorging on fry for the last week. Thats when we get our crushing takes that we have all become accustomed to with Sea Trout fishing.


Puget Sound has been starting to pick up with the Cutthroat fishing, however it is still a bit early for the lights out fishing in the areas we mainly focus on, so we will be staying on the Hood Canal for the next couple of weeks and enjoying the more remote fishing!


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