Our Only Last Christmas List Post

With a flood of Christmas themed garbage coming into my email, I present you the only Christmas list you need to see for you fly fishermen.  Or just a bunch of super cool shit you should check out.  I want to briefly tell you that I do not sell or make any money off of any of the branded products in this list.  If any of these products are on here, it’s because I have it and love it, or have seen it and want it.  Obviously you should pre-pay for a trip and order custom flies from us.  But for under the tree here are some ideas!

So without further delay, All-Waters Fly Fishings Christmas List:

1.) Ty Wheel: Okay, this is purely out of envy that this makes the list.  Let me paint you a sweet picture here. Brita and I have 3 fly tying desk in our fuzz factory.  Two to collect our mountain of feathers and random tying materials, and one that we sit across from each other and tie flies at.  We have a broad selection of vises that we use, and they all work well, but Brita has this amazing gadget attached to hers call the Ty Wheel. Just imagine a way to set your tools,  glues, beads, and other random materials down without it getting buried under all of your trash.  Imagine if the only organized part of your tying desk was the part that you used.  The Ty Wheel is pretty amazing, and the folks who make them have been very cool to talk to.  I envy Brita’s vise every day because of this product.

2.) Simms Pro Dry Bib: If you have ever been fishing with me, you know I am a pretty easy going guy.  I’m a chatty Kathy, I like to laugh, and I like to fish… Thats all I want on my boat, good times, plane and simple.  What the Pro Dry Bibs have created is more comfort on the water, which leads to more Good Times.  I will argue that we have more fun than anyone EVER to do this.  These Pro Dry Bibs have made that possible 12 months out of the year.  It’s the only piece of clothing that I have ever owned that I have any attachment to.  Well, This and a hole filled Grateful Dead tie dye that Brita hides from me.

3.) Sightline Provisions: Look, I am aware I am going to take some grief for having this on the list, I know.  The guys at Sightline make such a cool looking product.  I have never worn one, I don’t know the folks that make them.  However, I believe Zach Dalton from Sage Fly Rods was the first guy I ever saw wear one about two years ago.  I thought instantly, “Man, that bracelet looks super awesome.”  Then my next thought was, “For sure don’t ever tell anyone you thought that.”  Either way, these are awesome looking and worth checking out!

4.) Yeti: We might have an obscene amount of yeti products in our house.  Rambler cups, Hopper bags, 3 tundra coolers, a bunch of hats and stickers.  If I ever get a white dog, I am naming it Yeti.  The products are the best on the market, the guys who run the company are great, and you NEVER have to buy any of the products again.  Except the hat, Puget Sound owns about 5 of the hats off my head.  From the front seat on my boat to the cooler we take to Brita’s folks house to bring home left overs.  My morning coffee, to the thing I brine meat in.  We use our Yeti products constantly and we are proud to use them.  Don’t support some garbage company who knocks them off, and get the real thing.

5.) Loon Infiniti Light: So this is a triple threat gift right here.  1.) You never have to smell 5minute epoxy in your home ever again.  2.) No disposing of 4000 AA batteries a year. and 3.) You are supporting a company that supports your local environment.  Loon has been a company that I have loved from the second I discovered them.  I was always a fan of Aquel, I liked the old Loon Logo, and I liked the message they had of environmentally conscious  materials in everything from their fly floatant to their epoxies and pigments.  Now a UV light that can be plugged in and charging as you cure your favorite brand of UV Epoxies.  Damn it grab a sweet Loon Hat while you are at it! These guys have been at the forefront of innovation for a long time, and their products speak for themselves.

6.) StormFront Great Divider: Look, I have not seen the latest version of this pack.  Or the version before that for that matter.  Because mine has over 1,500 days on the water, and just wont die.  This is the most hardcore boat bag I have used. I have thrown it on oyster bars, tossed it in carry on, dropped it off the side of kayaks and paddle boards. Beds of trucks, drift boats, used it as a seat, left old lunches in it.  Pretty much any abuse you can think of I have had happen with this bag and it just wont die. Great carry strap, sweet new closer strap, and bomb proof zipper.

7.) Redington I.D. Reel: If you have talked to me in the last few years about fishing brands, then you will know I have a huge love of Redington.  Keeping the sport moving forward with affordable fishing equipment that kicks ass (the new rods are unbeatable at the price point).  Plus, they have a sense of humor and just radiate “fun” (that sentence was so awkward).  I wont even make fun of the Colorado flag decal in the options.  This series of reels might just be the most fun thing to come to fly fishing in a long time…  While you are at looking at these reels check out the Crux rod series and the awesome video section of the website.

8.) Art Work: One of the things we love about fly fishing is that it is a work of art. You can constantly push the boundaries of what you can do with a fly rod and the ways you can catch a fish, just like an artist with the brush.  Some of the best gifts you can give can hang on the wall!  Jason Bordash, Yusniel Santos, and Josh Udesen…  The list goes on forever!

9.) Book A Guide Trip:  Nothing say’s “Merry Christmas” quite like going fishing!  And most people get the stuff they want in life.  What people have a hard time doing is carving out the time to do the things they love.  Thats the number one reason I think people love going on guided trips.  It forces you to carve out a date in the calendar and go fishing, that and you get to hear quality dirty jokes.

10.) Sportsmans 227 Bay Boat:  Do I really need to say more?  Folks, please, tell Brita this is ALL I want for Christmas.  She can return the fancy Tequila (don’t do that), not bother with the new Sage Salt HD (please that too).  She doesn’t need to pick up the Jerry Garcia Bobble Head or the Misfits t-shirt.  Just the 2018 Sportsmans 227 Bay Boat.


There you have it, Our Inaugural Christmas List.  10 great ideas for Christmas, with only one shameless plug for you to book a trip.  Now back to our normal broadcast of fishing stuff and other stuff.

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