Fishing Report 1/15

Fishing Report 1/15:

First of all, what great weather we had this weekend!  The fishing has been just as fantastic!

Let’s start this off!  First, we are finding the fish in larger and larger schools as January hammers forward.  Also,  most of the Sea Run Cutthroat we are finding are brilliant with color and are hammering shrimp patterns and sculpin patterns.  We have not found any fish in the past week that were not fat and healthy, which is a blast!  To sum it up,  the fish are happy, we are happy and we look forward to the next couple weeks of fantastic fishing!

Looking Forward:

With some major rain in the forecast we suspect some silt to be pushing out of the rivers.   “Oh No, We are doomed!”  No, not quite.  “What does this mean then?”   Well, this means lots of food will be pushed into the clean water line.  This also means,  moving away from the bigger rivers and finding our reliable smaller streams to focus around.   For starters, we are big fans of sand shrimp and sculpins this time of year. However,  don’t be afraid of tossing some flashy disco chicken (big flashy fly) into that silty water to find your beast. Furthermore, Check out This link on fishing in the rain and grab a rain coat!

Weather Forecast:

Tuesday morning looks nice…. Yep… After that, lots of rain! However, the rain should start calming down Thursday night and Friday into the weekend. Next Tuesday the 23rd is open and looking promising! Come out out to get your winter beast!

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