Coming soon

Alright folks, we were a bit light this week due to some predictably bad weather and busy schedules.

I wanted to give a quick update on some upcoming things to look for:

  • We have a new fly tying video about to be dropped on one of the most outrageous flies I’ve seen in a while… I’ll say this the video title will be “Brita Get’s Dirty. A little bit of editing and that will be out.
  • A update on the Fly Tying competition/ Fly Fishing Show will be coming this weekend.
  • The best set up for tossing Chum Fry
  • A new introduction to the All-Waters Fly Fishing staff
  • A new fly tying step by step.
  • New Classes Coming Soon!
  • I know some of you figured it out already, but we will have our big announcement for this summer right after the Fy Fishing show.

We have been super busy this week and missed out on a few days of the Fish Stories, and we are sorry for that.  I will leave you with this sweet video from Sage Fly Rods on fishing the Mod on the Henry’s Fork!  We love the Henry’s Fork and the Mod, and thought it might be an appropriate lead up to some of those big announcements that are coming.

Sage MOD from Sage Fly Fish on Vimeo.

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