Post Weekend Weekend Fishing Report

Post Weekend Weekend Fishing Report!

This past weekend was beautiful out on the water.  We had flat water (for the most part) and good fishing throughout the weekend.   However,  we did hit our first couple of post spawn fish of the year and found most of our fish pushed way up in the estuaries.  Also, we saw a few more schools of those chum fry kicking around.  As a result, I would venture to guess we are days away from the big migration starting.

First,  we were seeing some evidence of post spawned fish in a couple of spots.  If you find that you are seeing some skinny fish with frayed fins, I recommend leaving and finding some new water.  Which,  is exactly what we did.  If you do end up with a post spawn fish on the line,  quickly get it on it’s way.  These fish just did their business and are trying to adapt back to their marine environment.  You are only making it easier on yourself the next time you visit this area.

Most of the fish we found the last few days were chasing down sculpin and shrimp patterns still.  However, towards the end of the day yesterday it was getting a little bumpy, the boat was rocking and the shorelines were getting a little murky. With the added turbidity to the water, we were having trouble seeing our flies.  In response we switched it up to a larger, flashier traditional flat-wing and found a lot more success.  I find that if I can see the fly, the fish can see the fly as well.

We did fish a few chum fry patterns toward the end of the day on Saturday with success. However, I will be honest and say I am not sure it would of mattered what we were tossing.  The fish are well schooled up and wanting to eat anything that crosses their path.  The biggest challenge of the weekend was finding the areas the fish were podded up in.  Once we found the fish, the catching part was fairly easy.

Upcoming Weather and Dates!

This week we have some great weather in the Forecast! With the light winds and bright weather it is feeling a heck of a lot like spring!  We have Thursday open this week along with Friday Morning for a half day!  In addition,  our next openings are next Thursday (22nd) and Friday (23rd)!


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