All-Waters Fly Fishing Weekly Fishing Report

Alright guys! We have had some pretty awesomely terrible weather this week.  Recovering from the Fly Fishing Show, Spending a few SUPER cold days on the water, and having some cancelations due to ice and snow.  We have been scrambling to catch up ! However, We promised a weekly fishing Report and here it is!

One Quick Side Note 

First off! It was awesome to meet a ton of you folks at the Fly Fishing Show! We knew we had a ton of people following the “Fish Stories” however, we didn’t exactly know who they were!  I can’t wait to share the water with you folks as the weather warms up and the fishing season gets rolling strong.

Now To The Weekly Fishing Report!

Weekly Fishing Report

This week was all about hiding from the wind.  Even on the days that seemed decent, we were constantly getting sneezed on by mother nature.  However, when we found some reprieve and worked our magic, we caught some really nice fish.

 We are still on the program of keeping close to the small streams feeding Puget Sound and Hood Canal.  The bulk of the fish caught this week came from casting to 10″ of water.  In addition, most of our success was from seeing the fish before casting to them. When it worked out we were rewarded greatly for it! When it didn’t, the cold and wind made  it hurt a bit more than we are used to.

This was not the week to be wimpy on the water, and I applaud the folks who shared it with me!  We had a kid from Maine tough out the cold and catch his first Sea Run Cutthroat (a slob) and some wild Canadians on a Washington Tour checking out some of our best trout fishing.  Thanks for coming out and we hope to see you again when the weather is not… Well… Down right miserable.

Weekly Fishing Report

Weather Report

The weather should be warming up from here on out!  A few showers in the forecast however I will take that over freezing rain, snow, and the other “four letter word”! We look forward to the spring like conditions!

Open Dates Coming Up!

We are excited as can be about this coming month!  Most of our dates are booked up however, we have a few you can jump on now!  We are open Saturday March 3rd, 6th, 9th, 13th, Sunday the 18th, and 21st. We suspect to fill all of these dates as they come up and we are looking forward to sharing the water with you!

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