Fishing Report 3/26

Fishing Report 3/26

Whoa, it’s been a bit since we have gotten one of these out! We have a handful of updates coming out later this week and we will sneak a fishing report in there as well! I believe some of the updates will make you understand our absence.  We had to cancel this morning due to some weather and found the time to catch up!  We have been on the water almost every day this month and we have had some spectacular fishing, some great weather, some frustrating weather, and some great times! Now, lets get the fishing report underway!

Fishing Report

Chum fry have been moving north and pretty much the whole hood canal is being flooded with these little guy.  Much of Puget Sound is experiencing the same.  We have been getting around spreading the fishing out a bit, and we are finding most of Puget Sound is having great chum fry hatches this season!  The Hood Canal is super clear, full of bait, and sight fishing is spectacular! Garbaging anything that resembles a small baitfish. Our sight fishing opportunities have been dependent on the weather, but when it is good, MAN it is good!  That sun has been a welcome beast the past couple of weeks! That four letter word that starts with “W” and ends with “F*%k1&G IND” has been mildly frustrating, However we have gotten through it and had some fantastic days!

Keys To Success

Here’s the keys to success during this chum migration from here on out.  They are out, and it’s great fishing! If the weather is cooperating, just sight fish them.  Go stare at your beach until you see the action, move for it, and make the cast.  The chum hang on the surface of the water, so it’s easy to see where we need to fish.

STAY TIGHT to your flies as you are fishing,  the cutthroat do not need to work hard to eat these chum fry, so the hardest part of catching fish during this time is detecting the take.  This can be super frustrating, if you stay tight, and you stay patient with your hook set, you will have amazing fishing.  Let the fish pull the fly away from you before you set.  Cutthroat do not have to change direction to eat chum fry, so we have to keep retrieving the fly until the fish pulls against us.  Patience makes a huge difference in the success of a day!

First Fish

The last few days we have had a few new angers of all ages get their first fish ever, which is super exciting! Congrats to all of you who got into your first fish, and thank you for sharing the experience with me! Parents thank you for trusting me to safely get the kids onto fish and coming along for the ride!  It’s the best part of my job! (Sorry for sending them home sugared out of their minds!)

To the adults who got their first fish these last few weeks;  Thank you for the patience and giving me the opportunity to share this world with you! I appreciate it more than you know!  The memories will be there forever!

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