Fishing Report 4/4/2018

Fishing Report 4/4/2018

Most of this month will be all about finding the right tides and the right bait.  Chum Fry are cruising the shallows in monster schools of delicious fish food.  We have found great success fishing the edges of the oyster veins on the start of the tides with small chum fry patterns.  Most days we can cruise the shorelines and watch for the active fish feeding on chum fry.

We have found many days when the chum fry is only attracting the smaller fish, and have found big schools of 3 1/2” herring on the drop offs.  This has resulted in larger fish and more aggressive takes, however the numbers of fish have gone down.  So it’s really in what you are looking for in your day.

We have had some awesome days throwing topwater “Frisky Fries” and just under the surface with “Chumbodies Baby” along the shorelines as well as going deeper with the “Money Maker” Herring and smaller Sandlance patterns.

With Chum Fry on the shorelines and Herring and Sandlance on the drop offs, it’s all baitballs and good times from here on out! 2018 is going to be a blast!

Weather Report

The next week is looking pretty… Wet.  Saturday is looking a bit breezy as well.  However, things change daily and we have plenty of hiding spots for the windy days.  Monday is your day to get some sunscreen going if you are heading out in the next week! We have some fantastic tides for tomorrow and the rest of the week!

Open Dates

 I have tomorrow the 5th open, as well as the 12th, 16th, and 19th! Most of Puget Sound is fishing pretty great right now and Hood Canal is in full swing for the rest of the summer! We are excited to get you out on the water! Remember to come out to the All-Waters Spring Clean Up on the 29th!

Fishing Report 4/4/2018

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