Fishing Report 5/7/2018

Fishing Report 5/7/2018

Starting Off,  we have been a bit sidetracked with, well… Fishing!  We missed a couple of… Okay, we missed a month of updating the Fishing Reports and Fish Stories.  So, I am going to do my best to keep up this summer!  Between a guiding, speaking engagements, our beach clean up, and Thursday casting lessons, I truthfully just spaced keeping up with it.  I will do better.

Fishing Report

Fishing has been no less than amazing this month.  Now,  the weather is getting more steady it’s been super predictable as well.  The key to success has been flipping back and forth between herring and chum fry.   Hood Canal has been crawling with chum fry, and they have been our main focus early in the morning.   As the sun creeps high in the sky we have been switching to smaller herring patterns and fishing that 6-10′ of water.

This transition into warm weather has been a blast. The fish are spreading onto their summer holds and finding the main tidal currents to get shelter from the bright sun.  Sight fishing has been fantastic with the bright days and calm water this week, and summer feels like its right around the corner!

Weather Update:

Weather is looking good,  Wednesday and Thursday have a bit of wind, however the weekend looks amazing!

Next week is looking like summer weather and awesome tides!

Open Dates!

This Friday and Sunday are open! Next week we have Monday and Friday open!

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