Casting Is Fun

Casting Is Fun

As a fishing guide I get to see a lot of people fling a fly rod.  A LOT of people.  Everyday, there is something that always stands out to me.  It’s that no matter the skill level, if you make your best cast, everyone smiles.  It’s pretty obvious that casting is fun!  If you are new to fly fishing and you toss a loop that lays out straight at 40′, I’ll bet you will have a grin on your face.  If you are a seasoned veteran like Zack Dalton from Sage Fly Rods, and you bomb out a 90′ lightning bolt of a cast and the line snaps tight the fly flips out right on the target…  Don’t kid yourself, it feels damn good.  The pursuit to have more fun than anyone always started off with teaching folks how to cast a fly rod.

That’s why we love fly fishing.  The pursuit is almost always just as fun as the objective.  Of coarse we all love to hold that trophy fish and watch it slip out of our fingers back to the holding water it came from.  However, simply flinging some fishing string out there on a nice day brings a ton of joy into our lives.  It’s the difference between Fly Fishing and trolling.  Trolling is fun, but no one says, “putting a down rigger out is as fun as casting a fly rod.” It’s simply not the same thing.  Casting a fly rod is just technical enough to get your mind into it.  It’s also simple enough to not feel like you are wearing yourself out.  Fly fishing is a perfect blend of thoughtful mindlessness.


Thursday Casting Lessons

This brings us to why we decided to do the Thursday casting lessons down at Alderbrook Resort.  I LOVE to teach folks to cast a fly rod.  I love getting to know new people and showing them the joys that fly fishing can bring to their lives.  The other thing I love, is hanging out in beautiful places like the Hood Canal seeing the mountains and water, and the joy it brings into everyone that gets to experience it.  Combine the two, and we have Thursday Casting lessons… Plus great food and drinks,  a pool for the kids,  paddle boards for the non fishy folks.  It’s one of the few casting lessons that you can bring the whole family out for!

Come on out and join in on the fun!

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