Party At Waters West

Party At Waters West!

WooooWeee!  We have a good one coming up ladies and gentleman!

Saturday the 19th of May up in Port Angeles!  We have a ton of fun coming your way! Here is a great link for the event!

Casting Lessons,  BBQ,  Fly Tying,  Story Time,  and a good ol’ fashion seminar on how to fish for Sea Run Cutthroat on Hood Canal.

This is a great time to get to know the new owners of Waters West.  A couple of good ol’ fashion fishy folks with a ton of knowledge and passion for our sport.   Waters West is arguably the best fly shop in the world.  Do you need Panda Bear eyelashes for your favorite Barumundi Fly?  I bet they can get it.  If you need to track down a rare or exotic feather for a certain pattern? Give them a call!

Bright Days

Come on out and enjoy the party!

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