Fishing Report 6/11

Fishing Report 6/11

Whew! This past week/weekend had some unstable weather that kept the fishing ranging from Great to Pretty Good… We had some pretty epic days out there with big fish, great laughs, and wet weather.  Then we had some pretty good days of dodging weather, and finding some fish in between points to break the wind!

Despite having to work a bit harder on the “pretty good” days, we stayed in the action throughout the day.  Not to mention we were rewarded with some pretty awesome fish!  Thats one of the best parts of summer time fishing, the fish will reward your efforts as long as you put it in!

Salt Water

The keys to success with the saltwater fishing has been staying in the feeding zones.  There has been a lot of bait in the water these past few weeks and the bait is sticking around for the summer.  Finding the areas the fish are feeding has been the biggest key to success.  The edges of the kelp lines and over the eel grass beds has been our best prospects.   Most of our fish have been coming on Sandlance and Herring patterns.

Mountain Streams

We headed up into the mountains the other day to scope them out for the season.  We must admit, we ended up… Well fishing… and did not do a great job of getting photos and exploring as much as we intended to.  However, we did get a decent amount of info for you.  The small streams are dropping WAY faster than in years past, and the bulk of the fish came out of the deep slower pockets.  They will be up in the riffles as the water levels off for the summer.   We found a few fish in the 8-12″ range plunging the deep pools.  Quite a few in the 3-6″ range were willing to play on dry flies.  We will be back up to explore later this week.


With overcast mild weather setting in for a while, we have some great expectations for the next week! The cloud cover will keep the bait high and the cutthroat up hunting on the eel grass flats and off the drop offs. We have a lot to look forward to as the summer rolls along!


We have 1 cancelation date this week that is Friday 15th that is $100 off of a full day or $75 off a half day!  Other than that we have 14th, 17th (fathers day) open!

Next week we have 18th, 20th, 22nd, and 24th open!

Captain Mike and myself want to thank you all for coming out and keeping us busy this summer!

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