Coastal Cutthroat Giveaway


We are back!

Sorry for the delay in posting.  We’ve been… Not Posting.  But, we are back!  To celebrate it being October, being able to breathe after a busy season, also to celebrate the fishiest time of the year. We are donating big to the Coastal Cutthroat Coalition giveaway.  They are auctioning off our package!


To enter here’s what it takes; Head on over to the Coastal Cutthroat Coalition Parasite Watch page.  Report what you catch in the month of October.  The more days you fish and report, the more times you are entered to win the giveaway!

Give Away Prize!

1.) Rio Coastal Quickshooter Fly Line-  We understand that the majority of cutthroat fishing is done from the beach.  We want to outfit you with the best beach line on earth. Bam!

2.) Yeti Rambler 20oz Tumber–  Look, It’s October!  Coffee needs to stay hot, and after fishing cocktails need to stay cold.  No one does it better than Yeti.

3.)Sage Hat and Buff- While you are stopping at that barista in the morning you want to look fly right?  No one looks better listening to Kool And The Gang like a fly fisher in a Sage Trucker.

4.)Flood Tide Co. Koozies– Look, I’ll be honest.  I bought koozies, shirts, hats…. I decided I looked way less ugly in the shirt, and Brita looks really good in the hat.  It’s October, keep your fall IPA cold and quit complaining.

5.) A half dozen flies tied by yours truely.  Old School Money Makers, Disco Shrimp, CutiePie Sculpin, Flashy Flatwing, and a shimp I played with.

6.) Stickers, a few Flood Tide, All-Waters, Sage Fly Fish… Possibly a Rio Products one…

Look, we have more fun than anyone. No one loves this fishery more than us. So let’s share the love!  Go fish, report and get the giveaway!

I hope you all had a great summer! Now that the madness has slowed down a bit, we are back to our usual schedule!

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