Winter Problems

Winter Problems

Sometimes we all get them, Winter Problems, the biggest one being “It’s too freaking cold out, and/or I’m to freaking tired to fish.” Let me tell you… One of the two guys in my boat bailed out last minute on New Years day… Furthermore, he started texting around the time we started landing fish; SO, I thought I would share these with you.

“Oh man, sorry I couldn’t go, I wish I was not so tired!”

“Wish I was there.”

“I regret not going!”

“Hope you guys are having fun!”

“Are you catching anything?”

However, we were to busy laughing, catching super nice cutthroat and fishing to pay any attention to that. We kinda kicked ass all day on the fish. So our thought was just, “Should of woke up buddy.”

The biggest challenge in everything when it’s cold out is just finding the motivation to get out and go. Well, here is your motivation;

Reasons To Get Out

Let me tell you, these fish prefer the cold. Sea Run Cutthroat need the cold. They are less “trouty” in the cold. These guys are more predacious, thicker, stronger, and fight harder in the cold… Plus when it’s cold you get to call your lame friends who bail out names like “$%*$y”, “%!^@h”, “lazy”, and “still on the hook for half the trip.”

Winter Problems
Captain Mike slinging with a buddy on Hood Canal

In closing I would like to say, have a awesome 2019, we are off to a awesome start and can’t wait to see you this year! Let’s continue the mission to have more fun than ANYONE else on the planet, we are going to work hard to make sure we can keep that going! Further more, If you need help getting over your winter problems we have a few openings left for January 2019, and I will personally call and wake you up if you need help with motivation!

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