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Its Party Time People…

January 10th we have the International Fly Fishing Film Festival at the HULA HULA in Seattle! We are raising tons of money for the Coastal Cutthroat Coalition! This might be the most anticipated party of the year!

There will be a auction and raffle for guide trips, gear, swag, and flies. Buy some tickets, party hard, and know you are supporting a great cause! We have a pretty awesome “Package” that we have donated as well (more on that later).

This event has become a staple in the fly fishing community in Western Washington and beyond. We are excited to see all of you there and raise a ton of money for the Coastal Cutthroat Coalition. The greater Northwest is so fortunate to have such a great group of people supporting its fisheries whether in the field or with their pocketbooks!

In the past we have donated a full day guide trip in Puget Sound and a dozen flies. Although these were awesome, and we have had a good time. Furthermore raised a total of $1500 in the last three years at these events alone. We wanted to do much better this year!

This year we teamed up with our friends at Alderbrook Resort and donated a 2 night stay at the resort and a full day guide trip from the resorts beautiful dock. We are so stoked and plan on helping make this event the most successful one yet this year!

Thank You!

A huge thanks to Keith Robbins, the staff of the Hula Hula, and the folks at the Coastal Cutthroat Coalition for helping keep the science rolling and the fishery as exciting as ever! We are so fortunate to have this community come together and support such a great cause!

Continuing in the gratitude we want to thank Alderbrook Resort for helping out in putting together the best package we have ever done. Also all the other folks who are donating, buying, and all around helping out with this event!

Bid on our trip and party with us at Alderbrook Resort this spring!
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