Fishing Report 1/14/19

The Good, The Bad, The Fishy

It’s going on the third week of the new year and the holidays are behind us. We are back in the swing of things here, and couldn’t be more excited!

We have had a particularly wet January, and from the looks of it, we are not getting to much drier in the near future. However, this has not slowed the fishing down one bit. Most of the cutthroat have been super shallow and tight to the beach. Additionally, almost every fish we have found has been accompanied by 5 or 6 other fish willing to eat or chase our flies to the boat as well.

Trick Of The Week

As I said, the fish have been pushed right up on the beach. Look for runoff creeks, or little springs draining into the water and cast at those. Many of these flows will create deeper low spots along the beach. Often times the cutthroat will use these low spots to ambush prey.

Coming Up

We have some openings coming up quick, and a 10 day forecast that shows a break in the weather coming up. First, Tuesday the 15th! We have decent weather and great tides tomorrow!

This coming weekend we have 1/20 open, as well as the 24th, 25th, and 27th open! Get your date while the sun is shining!

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