June 17th Fishing Report

We have been out on the water just about every day for the last two months! Fishing has been great and we want to share the report with you!

Fishing Report

Most of our fish have been found in water temperatures less than 64 degrees. This is hard to find in the high sun on much of Hood Canal. So our days have been starting very early in the Lower and Middle Hood Canal, and trying to be off the water around 12-1pm. Our last post explains our methods of finding cold water, but to sum it up, just look for the fastest deepest water you can find and there will be your fish!

Our top producing flies have been my Money Makers in Herring and Sandlance, RIO’s Just Keep Swimming and RIO’s Precious Metals. The bait balls of both Herring and Sandlance are bigger than we have ever seen. The bait is absolutely everywhere and the fish are chunkier than ever! It’s been an amazing season for big stuffed cutthroat!

Open Dates

Our Summer is filling up super quick. Captain Mike has a handful of open dates.

Captain Justin has just: June 29th, 30th, July 3rd, 29th and 31st

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