Fishing Report

September Fishing Report

September Fishing report

This September fishing report is all about cooling water. All summer long, day in and day out, we are checking that water temperature and keeping the boat moving north. We start early, and plan our day around finding and staying on cold water. It is the main focus of finding fish in the summer time.

Well… All of that is over. Our September Fishing Report could be called a celebration! We have finally gotten a few big rains, cool days, cold nights, and the water temps are back down around the 50’s. The trout are pretty much celebrating right now. Cold water holds more oxygen, and lowers the stress level of our Sea Run Cutthroat significantly. So happy fish, means hungry fish! Hungry fish, means happy fishermen!

Will You Get To The Point!

Sea Run Cutthroat are using these cool waters to chase Anchovies, Sandlance, and Herring up into the shallows! Since the shallows are cold again, these fish are smashing bait up on the flats and not really caring too much about their personal safety.

The way we have been targeting these fish is to find the steep drop offs with a large flat, and hold the boat right on the edge of the drops. Casting up onto the flats and stripping the flies toward the deep water, keeping our flies in-front of all of the ambushing and blitzing trout.

From the beach, you might try to reverse this by finding a shallow shelf you can wade onto and cast into the deeper water and pull your fly up onto the shelf. Not quite ideal because you are standing where we want our flies, but you should pull quite a few fish right off the edge of the drop off.

So… What Are They Eating?

September Fishing Report
Rio’s Nice Glass

The Rio’s Nice glass is a nasty bug. The Hook is sharp with a big gap and it just down right fishes. When I saw the fly the first time I believe my reaction was “Holy shit! That is genius.” The glass beads reflect light and are translucent. They also add weight giving the fly a natural dive and dip in the water. The materials are light and tied in a way that keeps the fly from fouling while casting or getting hit by fish. I am a down right believer in this one and it has quickly become my favorite fall big fish fly.

It’s All Over

That’s it, Our September Fishing Report is over! Here are some dates and some things to look forward too!

September 14th, 16th, 21st, 25th, and 27th are our open dates coming up! We are looking forward to sharing the water with you! Have fun out there!

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