Online Tying Class- Puget Sound Assortment

We announced our first online fly tying class yesterday (chum fry-Tuesday 3/31)! Well… We are not done yet!

For next Thursday we have another one for you! Puget Sound Assortment. We will have baitfish, gurglers, attractors, and more! Pretty much, the flies that keep us rocking on the water!

Thursday April 2nd 6:00-8:00pm

Here’s the drill! Thursday April 2nd 6:00-8:00pm we will have our class on Zoom! Zoom is a online conference program that I will be able to see your progress and walk you through step by step how to tie our patterns!

These flies will be complex enough to challenge you, but easy enough that with basic tying skills you should be able to pull it off. You will need basic tools:

Vise (rotary is helpful), scissors, dubbing tool, bodkin. A whip finisher is optional.


We wanted to make this easy while supporting a local shop. All materials are picked and set aside at Waters West and ready to be shipped directly to your door. Give them a call, tell them you are taking our class and pay over the phone. You will have it in 1-2 days. 2 of our patterns will require UV Epoxy (or you can just end them without eyes) to finish. You can ask them for Loon Thin and Flow or equivalent.

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