Brita Did A thing!

Our Brita Is On Youtube!

A few good things have happened since the Corona lockdown. We get to know our kids a little better. Finally started on some goals that “we never have time for”. Repainted some of the house… Oh and Brita did a thing!

Brita launched her Youtube channel! Seafly907 on Youtube.

Talented, beautiful, and always entertaining! We, as the fly fishing community have a million reasons to be proud of Brita. However, her fly tying is probably the most recognizable of anyone I know. Very few tiers come to mind where you go “I bet that fly was tied by _______.” Brita’s flies are both uniquely her own and stunningly beautiful. Finally, Give it a view, give it a follow, maybe drop a comment in the comments section… Perhaps even mention All-Waters… Most of all enjoy!

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