Cutthroat Trout

Sea Run Cutthroat Trout

Puget Sound and Hood Canal are home to the world’s best saltwater Sea Run Cutthroat fishing!  Furthermore, it is America’s only year-round saltwater trout fishing!

Sea Run Cutthroat are an anadromous trout species that heads up the rivers to spawn and eat salmon eggs. After they spawn the adult fish move back out to the saltwater to grow big and fat on baitfish. Their young hatch, grow for a year or so in the streams, then move out to join the party that is happening in the salt!  From here they quickly put on size feeding on the countless numbers of baitfish, terrestrials, and invertebrates that live in the intertidal areas of Puget Sound and Hood Canal.

As an angler, you could not find a more perfect opportunity to catch trout in a unique and challenging environment.  Then again, as a human, you could not ask to spend a day in a more beautiful and fluid place. Every day the tides shift and change the landscape to an almost unrecognizable place from high tide, to low again. It is hard not to feel poetic just looking all around you on the Hood Canal and seeing such a wild and venerable piece of water.

As the seasons change cutthroat trout move closer or further away from the shore lines, at some times of years we target them sipping terrestrial dry flies such as termites and ants off the surface along the beaches, at other times we fish full sinking lines and try to pull on the biggest trout in the sea. However at all times of the year this is Americas most unique and exciting trout fishery and a amazing way to learn about our local areas.