Guide Staff


Introducing The Guide Staff:

We are super excited to provide patient, professional and fun guides.  We strive to have more fun than anyone else, period.  Our goals are simply to provide the best experience you can have on the water.

Captain Justin Waters

Captain Justin Waters Guide Photo

Justin Waters was born in Panama City Beach, Florida and moved to Crystal River, Florida shortly after that. His first memories were fishing for largemouth bass and other spiny rays off of his grandmother’s dock. After falling in love with the largemouth that hid deep in the swamps and back waters of the Withlacoochee River, he trashed his first of many props at the Age of 11. He discovered flats fishing when he was about 12 years old and the saltwater intrigued him and took hold of his life from then on out.

Moving to Washington and obtaining a degree in Fisheries, Justin then started fishing Puget Sound, and shortly after Hood Canal. After a brief disruption to head into Yellowstone Country and work for Mike Lawson at Henry’s Fork Anglers, he moved back, got his Captains license, and quickly became one of the most booked guides in Washington’s Hood Canal and Puget Sound. He now owns All-Waters Fly Fishing and Guide Service, runs an 18′ center console bay boat, ties flies commercially, and is on the water more often than not. He is on Pro Staff with: Sage Elite Pro, Loon Outdoors, and Fly Men Fishing Company.


Brita Fordice

Brita Fordice Guide Photo

Brita Fordice is a native to Washington state and learned to fly fish at the age of 8 and taught herself to tie flies at the age of 10. Spending summers at her family house on the Stillaguamish river fed her desire to explore new fishing water. After a few years in Idaho and Alaska she returned to Seattle to begin guiding and working in a fly shop just north of the city. She has also extensively fished the waters of the Bahamas for bonefish, as well as a Florida for migratory tarpon.

Brita ties flies and is a virtual encyclopedia when it comes to recognizing and procuring tying materials for both classic and modern flies.  She has been featured in Catch Magazine, Southern Culture on the Fly, The Steelheader’s Journal, and has written many guest blog posts for Flymen Fishing Co.    Fishing Puget Sound beaches and rivers for steelhead are her passion these days.  She shares her work time between guiding and working in the research and development for Sage Manufacturing where she researches and develops stuff for Sage, Redington, and RIO products. She might not tell you, however she is the most experienced female guide in Washington state.


Captain Mike Hanford

Mike grew up and learned to fish on the South Fork of Eastern Oregon’s  Walla Walla River.  Since then, he has fished and worked his way across America and the Caribbean. He has worked as a whitewater guide, SCUBA instructor, and guided for smallmouth on the New River in West Virginia. For the last decade, Mike has been working as a traveling Registered Nurse in Emergency Departments and spent his days off fishing for cutthroat and salmon all around Puget Sound.

He recently earned his captain’s license and will be guiding for us on Puget Sound and Hood Canal.  Mike is a fantastic fishermen and patient as can be.  We are super stoked to add him to the team!