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Tarpon – Florida

All-Waters Fly Fishing And Guide Service was given the name because we had the dream of working with the best guides around the world… Or in our case, “All”-Waters. We want to serve traveling anglers and help them hone in on their dream fishing experience.

Over the last decade of outfitting clients for trips in our home waters we realized that we’d like to do more to ensure success and a great trip for them wherever they may travel in the world to fish. So we decided to team up with Fly Water Travel to give our clients the best experience possible, wherever they may wish to go. Traveling anglers need to look no further to find lodging, fishing, and every bit of information they need to make sure their trip is the trip of a lifetime.

Tiger fish from Tanzania – Fly Water Travel

Traveling does not need to be stressful.

Deciding on a destination is the easy part. Researching the rods to bring, clothing to wear, flies to bring, and ensuring you have the right bug protection, etc. can be extremely daunting and time consuming. We understand the traveling anglers run into these road blocks trying to plan out a trip. We want to take the guess work out of it and get our traveling anglers on the water with the least amount of stress possible. Through working with us and Fly Water Travel we can answer all of your questions immediately, as we’ve likely been to the locations you’re headed to. For those folks that would prefer a more “hosted” experience, we can facilitate that as well. We can also assist in more detailed questions involving locations you may travel through including shopping lists, visas, and cultural questions, which can be difficult to find answers to without assistance from those that know the area well. In the end, we want you to be assured that we can find the answers to your every question and need both prior to, and during your travels.

Golden Dorado – Bolivia – Fly Water Travel

Let us know your dream fish or destination and we will help make it a reality!

Upcoming Trips

Florida Tarpon with Florida Outdoor Experience: May 2020- Call For Details

Come down and chase some of the worlds greatest sport fish in the legendary flats of Homosassa. We are staying with our friends at Florida Outdoor Experience. The fabled waters of Homosassa holds the world record for Tarpon on the fly and is near and dear to our hearts here at All-Waters Fly Fishing.

The team at Florida Outdoor Experience is about as accommodating and old school Florida as it gets. We love them and we love sending our friends and clients down to hunt and fish with them.

Western Alaska Expedition with Wild River Guides: September 2020 – Call for Details

Join in on our Coho Round-Up with Wild River Guides! This will be our second season and third trip with Wild River Guides and in the much anticipated peak Coho Season! 12-18lb coho in massive numbers from Bristol Bay Alaska. These are expeditions and will be 6 days of floating down the river in remote western Alaska. With 5 nights of camping! This is about the best way ever to experience the vast wilderness that the Bristol Bay region offers. If adventure and lights out fishing is what you are after, this trip is for you!