Guided Trips

Washington’s Puget Sound and Hood Canal have thousands of miles of beautiful scenic shoreline. When roaming these shorelines you can not help but notice the life all around you.  Eagles stocking for their next meal,  seals lounging on the docks, mountain ranges reaching for the sky… and then *splash*!


The Sea Run Cutthroat Trout roam many of our shorelines here around the Puget Sound and Hood Canal, and have become a great sport fishery for all skill levels. With aggressive fish, uncrowded beaches, and catch and release regulations it is no wonder more and more people are getting into Sea Run Cutthroat fishing!


All of a sudden your line comes tight! “whoa, this feels a lot larger than the last one!” Oh yeah, its a “Pink Year!” Pink Salmon are a weird fish. There is no way around it. They come back on odd years (2013, 2015, 2017), they can be fished to like a Sea Run Cutthroat, and what fly do you use? Anything as long as it moves and it is PINK!! The pink salmon is not exactly the greatest table fare, but a few find it into the smoker every other year. We love pink salmon fishing! They are not exactly a smart fish, they are not exactly a trophy fish, they are just a plane ol’ FUN fish!


Coho Salmon or “Silvers” show up shortly after the Pink Salmon, we even get a mixed bag for a while. Silvers are an absolute blast on the fly rod. When they are in  and aggressive they are a fantastic saltwater fish! We love to “Bonk” a few hatchery Coho every year! We do not guide for salmon species from the boat! Please Email for inquires for Salmon trips.


Walk and Wade Beach Trips– $325 1-2 People $370 3 people

Full Day Boat Trips $500 1-2 People Call or Email to add a 3rd angler

Half Day Boat Trips $375 1-2 People Call or Email to add a 3rd angler


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