Brita Did A thing!

Our Brita Is On Youtube!

A few good things have happened since the Corona lockdown. We get to know our kids a little better. Finally started on some goals that “we never have time for”. Repainted some of the house… Oh and Brita did a thing!

Brita launched her Youtube channel! Seafly907 on Youtube.

Talented, beautiful, and always entertaining! We, as the fly fishing community have a million reasons to be proud of Brita. However, her fly tying is probably the most recognizable of anyone I know. Very few tiers come to mind where you go “I bet that fly was tied by _______.” Brita’s flies are both uniquely her own and stunningly beautiful. Finally, Give it a view, give it a follow, maybe drop a comment in the comments section… Perhaps even mention All-Waters… Most of all enjoy!

Online Tying Class- Puget Sound Assortment

We announced our first online fly tying class yesterday (chum fry-Tuesday 3/31)! Well… We are not done yet!

For next Thursday we have another one for you! Puget Sound Assortment. We will have baitfish, gurglers, attractors, and more! Pretty much, the flies that keep us rocking on the water!

Thursday April 2nd 6:00-8:00pm

Here’s the drill! Thursday April 2nd 6:00-8:00pm we will have our class on Zoom! Zoom is a online conference program that I will be able to see your progress and walk you through step by step how to tie our patterns!

These flies will be complex enough to challenge you, but easy enough that with basic tying skills you should be able to pull it off. You will need basic tools:

Vise (rotary is helpful), scissors, dubbing tool, bodkin. A whip finisher is optional.


We wanted to make this easy while supporting a local shop. All materials are picked and set aside at Waters West and ready to be shipped directly to your door. Give them a call, tell them you are taking our class and pay over the phone. You will have it in 1-2 days. 2 of our patterns will require UV Epoxy (or you can just end them without eyes) to finish. You can ask them for Loon Thin and Flow or equivalent.

WDFW Fishing Closure

WDFW Fishing Closure…

COVID, Statewide Lockdown, being called NonEssential (have you seen the smiles we deliver?)… Now a statewide fishing Closure?!! WTF!!

It was announced yesterday that WDFW was closing fishing. My gut reaction was “$H!tH3@ds!” However, after a few minutes to cool off and think I had a few more thoughts about the subject.

A simple “why” might help our understanding.

WDFW manages our state public lands and water ways for recreational hunting and fishing. Most of my audience do not visit the public docks, piers, walkways, and access points the state manages. These areas are to allow less mobile people have an opportunity at fishing. Think Edmonds pier, Pt Defiance, Maritime Heritage Park in Bellingham. These places all at certain points of the year can have countless people fishing from them. Not to mention the crazy amounts of lake docks, boat ramps, and public parks that folks stand shoulder to shoulder for the opportunity at a trout, salmon, or steelhead.

WDFW is dealing with a public health crisis that we have NEVER seen before. Something we do not really know how to deal with as professionals. While I personally doubt standing on a beach or in my boat fishing for cutthroat is contributing to the problem. Perhaps though standing in line at to grab a license or tackle probably is a issue.

Now add into the fact that WDFW could close these access points with high traffic and a high likelihood of anglers coming into contact with each other. Then they have to try to skirt the offending the old man who can’t walk a beach, the kid in a wheelchair who loves to fish, the grandma who wants to jig a few squid. I start saying “maybe they made the right choice.”

Bright Side

Let’s just take the two weeks off. Look at the bright side, you now have the opportunity to sign up for one of our online fly tying classes. Think about the steelhead might make it to their spawning grounds without 47 hooks being thrown at them. Even cutthroat will put some more weight on uninterrupted. Or take this opportunity to spend extra time with your family before disappearing on the water for the summer!

Online Fly Tying Classes

Online Fly Tying Classes!

This lock down has us going a bit stir crazy already. Brita keeps finding me pacing, making list, talking to myself, and making repetitive trips out to the garage to work on boat projects. Furthermore, we got word a day ago that ALL fishing would be shut down (more on that in the next post). In the mean time, we have you covered!

Online classes seem like a great place to channel our energy. With the power of Zoom we are able to broadcast live from our bench to yours. With this feature will be able to walk you through each step, help fix mistakes, or just admire your skills.

frisky fry- online fly tying classes

Here is the scoop:

We will be broadcasting live on Zoom with classes of up to 3 people. If it goes well we will add many more! So, don’t panic if you do not get a spot in the first classes announced.

Tuesday 3/31: 6:00pm-8:00pm

Chum Fry -$75

Once we are allowed back on the water, chum fry will be full blast! We were starting to see sneak attacks and little burst of frenzies this week. However, the major clouds of chum fry will be out in about 2 weeks! This means full scale chum frenzies, and top water madness!

chumbodies baby- Online fly fishing classes
Terrible examples, from my fly box.

In this class we will have 4-6 chum fry patterns that we use every year to catch fish. We recommend picking your favorite 2 or 3 and tying a bunch up for the big migration at the end of our lockdown.


We wanted to make this easy while supporting a local shop. All materials are picked and set aside at Waters West and ready to be shipped directly to your door. Give them a call, tell them you are taking our class and pay over the phone. You will have it in 1-2 days. 2 of our patterns will require UV Epoxy (or you can just end them without eyes) to finish. You can ask them for Loon Thin and Flow or equivalent.

Spring Newsletter is out!

Spring Newsletter!

We sent a spring newsletter out this morning that was a bit out of the ordinary. Usually we include tips, tricks, hints, and all of that… I don’t even think we mentioned Chum Fry in the whole email. This time, we just had a bit much to say to include all of that.


1.) Fish the back eddies to find the chum fry. Here is a link to some more tips on chum fry.

2.) Don’t try to launch your boat at WDFW ramps for the next two weeks.

3.) Stay tuned for online tying classes here at ALL-WATERS FLY FISHING.

4.) Subscribe to our newsletter!

Fishing Report: March 23rd

Strange Times We are in…

This past couple weeks have been a whirl wind of nerves, fear, and doubt across the country. Fortunately, our cutthroat were less disappointing than the news and stock market.

Fishing Report

Chum fry are starting to trickle out with more and more showing up on the beaches and back eddies. Our days have started with floating lines and Frisky Fry patterns and moved down to intermediate lines with a little heavier chum patterns as the sun gets higher.

We are right at the beginning of the chum migration so once we find the fish, we are not moving to much. For the folks that have never fished chum fry before, this is a really fun time to see how a cutthroat can absolutely smash the surface. Often times coming completely out of the water!

Because it is still the beginning of the chum fry, we have had a lot of success on aquatic worms and sandlance in the places we could not find chum fry.


Our cancelation dates that have opened up! $150 off Full Day/ $75 off Half Day: We are so sorry for the travelers that had to move their dates back or cancel. I hope you and your families are getting through this and moving forward. See you soon when this all clears up!

Sunday 3/29, 3/31, Saturday and Sunday 4/4 & 4/5, 4/8, 4/10.

Mushy Ending

In the mean time, I hope you all are getting much needed time with your families, and stocking up on some flies for the summer!

Unchartered Waters Covid-19

Elephant In The Room

We are in uncharted waters here.  Covid19/Corona Virus has flipped the world upside down and rocked some of us to the core.  What are we supposed to do in these situations? What’s our responsibility to our clients? How to we move forward at the moment (or do we?)

So to the, the proverbial elephant in the room.  Yes, we are still running charters.  Until we are specifically told to shut down, I am working.  I am not asking any of our guides to continue, unless they absolutely want to (they do).


We are obviously a company that deals with MANY traveling anglers.  All of which have been canceled.  Our relationship with lodges has been a major part of our business and we have been rocked to our cores watching them shut down. 

Our friends at Alderbrook Resort have promised to pay their employees throughout this crisis, and we cannot say enough to show our admiration for how they have handled this.  This has nothing to do with us, however I thought it was important to point out something positive.


How this affects us?  We have canceled about 35 trips for the next two months that were staying with one of our lodging partners.  It just is what it is. I think this was a important step in keeping us safe and we appreciate the steps we and these clients have taken.  Hopefully we will see those folks again when it is safer!

If you are looking for one of these dates, we will offer you $150 off Full Days and $75 off of Half Days.

Moving Forward

If you are symptomatic, been in contact with someone who is, or been a reckless moron attending underground Corona raves, please cancel your trips.  Please be responsible and bring your own water bottles, we are suspending our Kick Plastic program for our clients and will have disposable water on the boat again until this is finished.  We have reduced our water from 40 flats of water a year down to 2 with this program, and we look forward to moving back.

I know these are scary times, and all of us at All-Waters Fly Fishing appreciate all of your support.

2020 Bristol Bay!

Don’t Sleep On The Mighty Coho of Bristol Bay!

Bristol Bay Coho
John @WildRiverGuides with a tanker!

If batman had the bat signal… I had the Wild River signal. Our friends at Wild River Guides reached out last year when one of their guides had to miss a couple weeks of their season.  I gladly jumped on a flight to Bristol Bay, then spent some of the most fun weeks ever floating the most remote rivers in Bristol Bay chasing fish, camping, eating, and exploring.

At night we would day (night) dream about getting some of my favorite clients out to remote Bristol Bay to enjoy what they had to offer.  Thats where this email comes in.

John at Wild River Guides spent most of the winter securing a permit to extend their season in the Togiak River Wildlife Refuge so we could take a week long trip down the Togiak River fishing for the mighty coho.

Ever wanted to catch coho on surface flies? Catch fish till your arm failed you? Have a truly wild experience in the most remote sections of America? Fly into the most beautiful rivers in the world? Or just hear dirty jokes from me WAY past the average 7-8 hr day on the water?

Let’s do it!
September 2nd-9th

All inclusive (minus flights to and from Dillingham) $5600

Bristol Bay Coho #2
Bailey with a gonzo nosed Coho!

First Post of 2020

We have been heavily neglecting this since last fall! I could make all the excuses in the world for it! However, instead of making excuses I will just let you know this! We have been slamming trying to make 2020 the best season yet! It will be a hard task after these last few years! However, I think we are all up for the challenge!

Stay Tuned and know we have some super fun stuff coming soon!

Swim Free

Q & A #4

I have been on the water for the last 32 billion days and just have not had the motivation to keep up with these. However, our most popular blog subject is back… Q & A. We had a ton of questions following the last one and I just thought I would bring it back, it is fun to do and we had the questions in our inbox still!

Q.) What is the worst hook incident you have ever seen?

A.) Look, I have had a few on my boat. I saw a picture of someone in the eye once, it looked gross. But in person I was probably the victim of the worst one I have seen. I’ve yanked them out of peoples heads, arms, back, neck… But I had one go through my finger and out my fingernail while tying one on. The barb was not pinched yet and the barb stayed under the nail… It makes me think of a Game Of Thrones style toucher to look back on. It was awful… I had to just grab some pliers and rip it out, because I could not get help from the customer and I could not leave it in there digging at my nail bed. It was that or end the day… I believe it was Jesus that said “The show must go on.”

Q.) Do you hate running conventional tackle trips?

A.) No, not at all. Look, light tackle/spin fishing trip are fun. The way we fish with spinning rods is almost exactly the same as fly fishing. We fish gulp minnows on jigs or spoons, and we cast and retrieve very similar to fly fishing. Not to mention, if we are getting people interested in the fishery and showing them how much we care about it. We are effecting people the same way and hopefully tipping the narrative towards being sustainable fishermen/women.

Q.) How do you feel about politics or religion on your boat?

A.) I feel the same way about politics on my boat as I do on land. If you don’t feel the same way as I do, you are an idiot. haha

I love learning about people and politics. I firmly feel that we have tabooed the conversation for so long that we have created a false narrative that the two parties are massively opposed to each other. When really we all want mostly the same thing. We want our kids to be safer, healthier, and happier than we ever were. We want our air clean, our fish plentiful, and our economy thriving. How we get their, I don’t know. But I know that not listening to the other side is probably not going to help. So whether you are a Trump fan, a Bernie fan, or anyone else. I think it’s super cool that people would trust me enough to want to share their thoughts with me.

As far as religion goes… Pretty much the same thing. If your god tells you to hate anything… Probably keep it to yourself. Other than that I am fascinated.

Q.) I only fish a popper for cutthroat.

A.) That is not a question sir. Also… You are missing out on a lot of cool flies and sweet fish. Believe me when I say I love fishing topwater too. So… cool… I guess.

Q.) I don’t like fishing sinking/shooting heads. Do you have advice?

A.) Shooting head styles of fly lines can be frustrating. Particularly when you are not used to the way they cast or sinking lines. First, and foremost I would recommend getting used to it… Go practice casting the damn thing.

Look I get it. A type 6 sink streamer tip line feels clunky if you are not used to casting it. But if you slow down and get the timing right, it is not much different than your full length line. All floating lines are going to be smoother to pick out of the water. But a sinking line does not need to be difficult. I will tell you what. If you contact me, I will meet you somewhere and show you how to cast them. ( I will also show you HOW to practice casting.

Alright, our ball is rolling and we are going to get back into updating the blog a few times a week starting now. So, we will bring the Q & A section back as soon as we have a handful of questions again!