Unchartered Waters Covid-19

Elephant In The Room

We are in uncharted waters here.  Covid19/Corona Virus has flipped the world upside down and rocked some of us to the core.  What are we supposed to do in these situations? What’s our responsibility to our clients? How to we move forward at the moment (or do we?)

So to the, the proverbial elephant in the room.  Yes, we are still running charters.  Until we are specifically told to shut down, I am working.  I am not asking any of our guides to continue, unless they absolutely want to (they do).


We are obviously a company that deals with MANY traveling anglers.  All of which have been canceled.  Our relationship with lodges has been a major part of our business and we have been rocked to our cores watching them shut down. 

Our friends at Alderbrook Resort have promised to pay their employees throughout this crisis, and we cannot say enough to show our admiration for how they have handled this.  This has nothing to do with us, however I thought it was important to point out something positive.


How this affects us?  We have canceled about 35 trips for the next two months that were staying with one of our lodging partners.  It just is what it is. I think this was a important step in keeping us safe and we appreciate the steps we and these clients have taken.  Hopefully we will see those folks again when it is safer!

If you are looking for one of these dates, we will offer you $150 off Full Days and $75 off of Half Days.

Moving Forward

If you are symptomatic, been in contact with someone who is, or been a reckless moron attending underground Corona raves, please cancel your trips.  Please be responsible and bring your own water bottles, we are suspending our Kick Plastic program for our clients and will have disposable water on the boat again until this is finished.  We have reduced our water from 40 flats of water a year down to 2 with this program, and we look forward to moving back.

I know these are scary times, and all of us at All-Waters Fly Fishing appreciate all of your support.

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