2020 Bristol Bay!

Don’t Sleep On The Mighty Coho of Bristol Bay!

Bristol Bay Coho
John @WildRiverGuides with a tanker!

If batman had the bat signal… I had the Wild River signal. Our friends at Wild River Guides reached out last year when one of their guides had to miss a couple weeks of their season.  I gladly jumped on a flight to Bristol Bay, then spent some of the most fun weeks ever floating the most remote rivers in Bristol Bay chasing fish, camping, eating, and exploring.

At night we would day (night) dream about getting some of my favorite clients out to remote Bristol Bay to enjoy what they had to offer.  Thats where this email comes in.

John at Wild River Guides spent most of the winter securing a permit to extend their season in the Togiak River Wildlife Refuge so we could take a week long trip down the Togiak River fishing for the mighty coho.

Ever wanted to catch coho on surface flies? Catch fish till your arm failed you? Have a truly wild experience in the most remote sections of America? Fly into the most beautiful rivers in the world? Or just hear dirty jokes from me WAY past the average 7-8 hr day on the water?

Let’s do it!
September 2nd-9th

All inclusive (minus flights to and from Dillingham) $5600

Bristol Bay Coho #2
Bailey with a gonzo nosed Coho!

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