Online Fly Tying Classes

Online Fly Tying Classes!

This lock down has us going a bit stir crazy already. Brita keeps finding me pacing, making list, talking to myself, and making repetitive trips out to the garage to work on boat projects. Furthermore, we got word a day ago that ALL fishing would be shut down (more on that in the next post). In the mean time, we have you covered!

Online classes seem like a great place to channel our energy. With the power of Zoom we are able to broadcast live from our bench to yours. With this feature will be able to walk you through each step, help fix mistakes, or just admire your skills.

frisky fry- online fly tying classes

Here is the scoop:

We will be broadcasting live on Zoom with classes of up to 3 people. If it goes well we will add many more! So, don’t panic if you do not get a spot in the first classes announced.

Tuesday 3/31: 6:00pm-8:00pm

Chum Fry -$75

Once we are allowed back on the water, chum fry will be full blast! We were starting to see sneak attacks and little burst of frenzies this week. However, the major clouds of chum fry will be out in about 2 weeks! This means full scale chum frenzies, and top water madness!

chumbodies baby- Online fly fishing classes
Terrible examples, from my fly box.

In this class we will have 4-6 chum fry patterns that we use every year to catch fish. We recommend picking your favorite 2 or 3 and tying a bunch up for the big migration at the end of our lockdown.


We wanted to make this easy while supporting a local shop. All materials are picked and set aside at Waters West and ready to be shipped directly to your door. Give them a call, tell them you are taking our class and pay over the phone. You will have it in 1-2 days. 2 of our patterns will require UV Epoxy (or you can just end them without eyes) to finish. You can ask them for Loon Thin and Flow or equivalent.

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