A few sunny days

rob t2017

We’ve had a few sunny days here in the last week, the fish seemed like they were as thrilled with that as we were! I do believe Sea Run Cutthroat might be snobbier about the weather than most of us fishermen are. They seem to dislike pressure drops or any time the weather goes from nice to crummy. Not to say they won’t eat a fly during those times, because they certainly will, however they prefer it to be consistent and they seem to like some nice weather!

This past week was proof that a crummy day on the water is better than any nice day at the office. I started the week off taking out some folks from my friends at Sage Fly Rods. Nicole and Amanda met me at Alderbrook Lodge, had some coffee, and we headed out into the rain. Our first stop Amanda caught her first Sea Run Cutthroat, I told my first inappropriate joke, and we went on to put a hurting to the fish until lunch! We beached the boat and took an extended lunch at one of the more protected sandy spots on the Canal. Best part was even I got to harass some fish at this location!


For the most part the rest of the week was pretty rainy, however it started to get sunny out and we soaked it in for all that it was worth! Thanks to everyone who came out this past week! I hope the memories and tradition carries on!

happy fish


Capt’n Justin Waters

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