Starting now!  All-Waters is going to #kickplastic.  We want to continue our effort to further serve our local fisheries and this means protecting them as well! What better way than to distance ourselves from the harmful effects of disposable plastic water bottles?  We are excited to join many other outfitters and fishing guides in this movement!

Every day on the water the discussion is how pristine the water appears.  However, every day we pull at least one item of trash out of the water.  I would guess that 50% of that trash consist of disposable plastic bottles!  We have decided that we want to lead by example and are challenging all other guide services in the Puget Sound to join us and help #kickplastic out of the fly fishing scene!

The average week of summer we go through about 20-30 bottles of water, some weeks even more! That is roughly a metric $h!t ton of plastic that is just tossed in the recycle bin each season just from our boat alone!

From here on out we ask that all of our clients bring a reusable water bottle on your trip. I will be carrying two Hydro-Flask water jugs and a handful of extra cups with lids! We have the Yeti available to all of our guest and encourage all to throw in any beverages you might want to bring along as well.


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