5 Ways To Beat The Winter Chill

The days are getting shorter,  it’s cold,  and you just want to get out!  The fish are still eating, and to be honest they are not even picky right now.  So why are we all cooped up in the house?  Here are some ways to beat the chilly season!

1.) It’s Washington State, get yourself some good rain gear.  Getting soaked makes for a crummy day on the water, and it makes it almost impossible to stay warm on the water.  Solid rain gear might be a little bit pricey, but I promise you that you will fish more, and enjoy it more here in Washington.

2.) Fish from a boat.  Obviously I am bias on this one. But you can dress quite a bit warmer and stay much more comfortable without your legs in the water.  Staying mobile is always a better way of fishing in Puget Sound.

Michael Folded

3.) Less is more! You don’t need to fish for 8-9 hours in the winter time.  I believe the half day is the way to go this time of year.  Run and gun for 3 1/2-4 hours then go get a warm meal at Alderbrook Resort or Tides Tavern.

4.) What to wear this time of year in the boat?  30-40mph in the cold is pretty chilly. However if you dress for it, its no different than skiing or snowmobiling.  I recommend a base layer, sweater, jacket, and rain jacket for your top.  For your pants a base layer, warm pants, warm socks, and rain pants. The rain gear will break the wind, even if it is not rainy out, so don’t leave home without it.

Winter Fun

5.) Winter doesn’t last forever,  However in Washington it sure can seem that way.  This is a great time to get better at casting,  learn how to tie flies,  and catch beautiful winter Sea Run Cutthroat in the wildest places in Hood Canal or Puget Sound.

Fly Fishing is a beautiful sport, it makes our lives much more interesting and fun.  Don’t take half the year off when you could be out there enjoying it!

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