Fly Fishing Show/ Fly Tying Competition

Alright Folks!  We are headed to the Lynnwood Fly Fishing Show on February 17-18 in Lynnwood Washington.  We have also talked about having a fly tying contest and have been trying to think of the best way to do such a thing. So, What do we do? Combine them!

For the first Fly Tying Competition we are going to do a “Match The Hatch -“Chum Fry”.

Here’s the scoop:  We love fly tying. When we are not chasing kids or fish, we are tying flies here in the fluff factory.

So, We want to see flies that are not “a cone and some squirrel”.   We want to see creativity.  It’s chum fry, it’s iconic in the PNW.  Let’s do these little things some justice and see what you can do at the vise.


  • Creativity
  • Perceived Effectiveness (does it look fishy)
  • Presentation (well tied and well loved)
  • Unique – We understand there are only so many ways to tie a chum fry… However, there were only square rocks before the wheel right?

Bonus Points:

  • Take a photo of your fly in the booth and tag us on social media
  • Leave your best joke with the fly
  • Deliver your fly with coffee in the booth

Chum Fry - Fly Tying Competition

You must drop off your best “Match The Hatch- Chum Fry” at our booth at the Lynnwood Fly Fishing Show.  Or Email us for an address (

Winner will get a 1/2 day guided fishing trip on Hood Canal during chum fry season, a New Fly Box with all of the entries,  plus a few bonus flies from us.  Furthermore we will make sure you get off the boat with plenty of good swag from some of the best companies in Fly Fishing/Tying.

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