Post Weekend Fishing Report 1/22

Post Weekend, Weekend Fishing Report 1/22

Whoa,  I don’t know if you have been following the weather for the past weekend, but whoa!  Most of the weekend was pouring rain and heavy winds,  so naturally we were fishing.  That said, we avoided the worst of the wind, but man did we laugh at how wet we got.  However,  we were heavily rewarded for the effort with heavy trout!  Most of the fish we caught were fat, chrome, and super fast takes.  We had a ton of fun and met some new friends along the way!  Thanks for being tough out there guys (and gals)!Fishing Report

Fishing Report:

Look, we might as well not bother with the “good”, “great”, or “bad”.  We fish for Sea Run Cutthroat, and the fishing is always pretty dang good.  Of coarse, there are humbling days, but, cutthroat always eat if we put it in their face.

  So, right now, the fishing is fantastic.  We fished tight to the estuaries and found most of our fish in the first few drop offs as we got up on the flats.   Most of our fish were eating Sculpin and Shrimp as they were last week, as a matter of fact all we really tossed to them were Sculpin and shrimp.  When I say the fish are fat right now,  I don’t mean healthy trout.  I mean they are gorging on shrimp and sculpin until they puke when hooked.  For example, when we hooked the biggest fish of the week, little fat sculpin and sand shrimp fall out of his face as he plumply jump out of the water.

Weather Report:

The weather report this week is not improving much,  2” of rain tomorrow will push a lot of water out of the streams, however the big tides should keep the Canal pretty clean by Thursday and Friday.  Those would be my go to days for being on the water.   So, let’s grab your favorite rain gear and lets get going!

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